Recreation Programs

City Magazine and Recreation Program Guide Promo

The Recreation Department proudly announces the arrival of the new City Magazine and Recreation Program Guide. This new publication will be published quarterly and allows us to showcase the many activities, programs and events that we have to offer. The new publication is sent to every household and business quarterly. Or, you can pick up a copy in the Community Center, Oak Park Library or City Hall, while supplies last.  For any questions on our activities, programs or events, please do not hesitate to contact us at (248) 691-7555.

There are two main registration periods, Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer, in which classes are usually held. However, some classes are offered on an ongoing basis. To learn about upcoming classes and programs, call the Recreation Department at (248) 691-7555 ,or visit our online registration portal at Online Recreation Registration Portal

The Recreation Department offers five ways in which a person can register for activities, including online registration, mail-in registration, in-person registration, after hours drop box and by phone. For more information on our registration options, visit Five Ways to Register for Recreation Programs.


ArtsandEntertainment140120Arts and Entertainment
Did you know that we take day trips? These trips are not only offered to our seniors, but to all adults (some people take the day off from work for an afternoon with us!). Come enjoy culture with us. We offer interesting lecture series, trips to the casinos, lunch and shopping trips, and trips to the theatre. For more, information, call (248) 691-7555.

Dance140120Dance Programs
Have you heard about our wonderful and new dance classes? We now offer classes for seniors, adults, youth and children. Our class schedules include ballroom dancing, Middle Eastern Belly Dancing, jazz/tap combination courses, hip hop, ballet and jazz combinations and Taps and Tutus. There's something for everyone! For details, call Maralee Rosemond, Recreation Coordinator at (248) 691-2357.

FitnessWellness140120bFitness and Wellness
For more information on Fitness and Wellness programs offered through the Recreation Department, contact (248) 691-7555.

Events130120Recreation Events
For a list of upcoming Recreation Department events, visit, call (248) 691-7555.

SeniorOdyssey140120Senior Programs/Senior Odyssey
According to the National Council on Aging, senior center participants have higher levels of health, social interaction, and life satisfaction. Senior centers connect seniors to vital community services hat can help seniors stay healthy and independent. The Oak Park Recreation Department offers many fun activities for seniors, including lunch and shopping trips, theatre excursions, casino trips, lecture series, wellness plans, fitness classes, computer training, financial planning presentations, driver's training class, sports leagues, and more. Enjoy the benefits of our 50 Up Senior Club Membership, including Bingo, Pickleball, and other popular drop-in programs. We even offer assistance in the area of Meals on Wheels, nutrition planning and transportation options. For more information, call Maralee Rosemond at (248) 691-2357.

Sports140120Sports Programs 
We offer seasonal sports programs like Basketball, Soccer, Karate, Softball, Baseball and Kickball programs. For more information, on these programs, call Daniel Parker, Recreation Coordinator at (248) 691-7555.